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How to memorize vocabulary

2009/10/13 0:53 に Chad Meisinger が投稿   [ 2010/04/18 19:27 に Miami 英会話 さんが更新しました ]

I think one of the most difficult things in learning any language is memorizing the vocabulary.  Vocabulary is important, but sometimes it can be discouraging when one considers how many words have to be studied.  Many students ask me how they can best learn vocabulary, so here are a few ideas that I have come with.
1)  Study at least a few words every day.
2)  Carry word cards, or use a word card application if you have a smartphone.
3)  Take advantage of any spare time you have to study.  On the train, toilet, standing in line, waiting for a traffic light in your car, waiting for the light to change to cross the road, etc.
4)  Use pc software to help you learn. 
5)  Try to use them every chance you get.  Use new words whenever you talk to your teacher, friend, or use them in writing a blog or a journal.

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