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2009/10/21 8:58 に Mandy Sladden が投稿   [ 2010/01/02 3:19 に Miami 英会話 さんが更新しました ]
Kuon is 2 years old and has been taking lessons from me for about 3 months.  Even though he is so young, he can say his abc's, count to twenty, understands basic commands like sit, stand, jump, dance and clap.  He can also respond when I ask him "How are you", "What's your name?"  and "How old are you?" Whenever I meet with him, I just practice basic pronounciation, and we sing songs and play together.  His pronounciation is already very good. Kuon is a very good boy, thanks to his mother and father.  I only meet with him once a week for 2 minutes, but I can tell that his parents have been helping him and encouraging him.  I think Kuon will grow up to be a good person who can speak English well!