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This Month's English Lesson

How are you?

2009/10/23 0:21 に が投稿   [ 2010/01/02 2:56 に Miami 英会話 さんが更新しました ]

Everytime I ask a Japanese person "How are you?", they are always fine!  Here are some other things you can say when someone asks you....

I'm tired!
I'm ok.
Not so good.
I'm super!
I'm great!
I'm good.
I'm hungry.

There are also other ways that an English speaker might say "How are you?"....

Hey, what's up?
How's it going?
How's your day today?
Everything ok with you?
How's everything?

There are so many variations, so go out and find some English speakers and practice to see if you can come up with some new phrases!  You can do it!

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